Why was this domain brought back?

the domain was brought back because I don't want anyone to get phished like I was attempted to get phished.

When I initially first got the mail through my contact form, I thought that this must be a new company in the hosting space, so wanted to let them know about the domain and its improper use. What I found still resonates with me, and I juggled on whether to buy the domain or not. I finally did after much consoling because email is our communication tool, and we can not let our guard down when it comes to the safety of our inboxes. Here is that blog post from 2020 which has the email in it. Yes, I know parts are heading level 2, but I can't help that and I don't know why it did that. You can see the email for yourself and what they tried to get me to do.

As a side note, my web pages never have URL schemes like the one you see in this blog post linked in the above paragraph. I believe in simple organization that I can use to build and maintain the site in a logical manner.

The fact is, Phishing is one of our biggest problems and it is not just a machine problem, where it slips through tools like Spam assassin or any other tool that is out there.

As this site was being developed, I even got an email from an address claiming that there were 15 different emails pending and that the address was to expire. While this is a highlight, the link in question can be marked as malicious or spam depending on the tool being used. I want people to get resources on how they can protect themselves whether they get strange files or suspicious links.

One such resource that you can use to check that link is virus total. You can check files and links with the tool and it is completely accessible. While that is one tool, there other resources on our resources page to check out. We have books that might help, we have companies and services listed and articles which talk about the landscape which includes phishing.

We don't stop there! The blog posts may include things like apps that are bad and other things that affect you on today's internet.

Thanks for reading and please continue to learn!


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